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We Help You Create Connections Before Content..
Meaningful human connections are the foundation of meaningful learning and RCL is your partner for training and education as you effectively impact the lives of your students and your communities.

What is RCL?

Relationship Centered Learning (RCL) is a relationship-first approach utilizing practical techniques designed to proactively strengthen, support, and sustain relationships. Thus, putting a Relationships First approach in all learning! The RCL model is based on the foundations of Interpersonal Communication, Whole Group Community Sharing, Positive Interaction Experiences, and Social Contract Development.

RCL (created by NEDRP) is a certified Continuing Professional Education (CPE) provider for educators in Texas

What We DO

We Help You Create
Connections Before Content


Relationships are the foundation of positive growth experiences and lifelong education. RCL focuses on a holistic approach to preventative and restorative practices utilizing five key components:

Positive Interaction Experience – Fun, positive, and genuine interactions that intentionally establish a healthier, positive environment.

Interpersonal Communications – opportunities for individuals to share and discover one another in a safe, small group format.

Whole-Group Community Sharing – an intentional process that enables community members to share experiences and discover one another.

Social Contract Development – a collaborative process that allows individuals to establish norms defining how they will treat one another.

Emotional Inventory Instrument – allows you to gauge an individual’s current social and emotional state.


Every student should feel seen, heard, and valued.


Individuals that are specifically trained in Relational Practices experience:

Relationship Centered Learning Podcast

We keep it raw, relevant, and revolutionary.
The podcast that is forging a community for educators to unite their voices, share experiences, wisdom, and camaraderie.


Episode 1

Joe Beckman | Reclaiming Human Connection


Episode 2

Mauren Palaoro | Building Community in the Classroom


Episode 3

Mia Ortiz | How to Make Students Feel Heard



We offer both in-person and virtual training for individuals, schools, districts, and groups. All trainings can be customized to fit your needs.

virtual IN-Person


Very enriching, will definitely impact student relationships moving forward.



Kevin did a wonderful job as an instructor! The presentation was so educational and helpful and really helped us stay connected virtually. Thank you so much!


1st Grade

As a 1st-year Behavior Coach, I was feeling uneasy about the school year and what to expect. This training has given me the boost of confidence I needed! Allen was hilarious and I learned so much from him and the Circle Momma herself! Thank you all so much for taking the time to present us with such valuable information!



I really believe, in my 16 years as an educator, this was the best training I've attended.



It didn't even compare to other trainings I have attended. There was not a minute wasted over the three days. It definitely surpassed my expectations.


Mesquite ISD

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic and meaningful training today. Before this, especially after this difficult past year, I was honestly imagining that maybe early retirement was a good option for me soon. After today, I am retiring those thoughts- I can do this! I appreciate that for the first time in a long time, someone didn't tell us what NOT to do, but what TO do.


Ramsey, MN

You have been amazing to work with through the entire process! NEDRP is the most flexible, responsive team to work with that you often knew how to support us before we asked!



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