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Here, we are diving into unfiltered conversations surrounding facts and experiences associated with the current education industry.  Through these authentic conversations we hope to reveal the keys to  obtaining a positive impactful and fulfilling career in a dysfunctional education system. Hear from students and industry leaders who will inspire you to continue on your journey to becoming a difference-maker and empower you by sharing practical tools you can take back to your campus and classroom.

Your Host, Our CEO

Kevin began his career over 20 years ago as a Texas high school football coach with a stereotypical, no-nonsense, ‘Get off my field!’ attitude. Eventually, Kevin served as an assistant principal of the school which subsequently, soon held the district-wide record for suspensions. This record was a  crossroad for Kevin and pointed him in the direction of his true calling: finding alternative disciplinary and preventative practices; otherwise known as restorative practices. Now, Kevin lives and breathes to make radical changes within the education system through relationship-centered learning (RCL). He is passionate about this new movement and strives to bring a sense of community to the educators that need it.

Our Podcasts

Episode 1

Joe Beckman | Reclaiming Human Connection

Episode 2

Mauren Palaoro | Building Community in the Classroom

Episode 3

Mia Ortiz | How to Make Students Feel Heard

Episode 4

The Relationship Centered Learning Podcast

Episode 5

Jonathan Brown | Love Them or Lose Them

Episode 6

Michael Bonner | Keeping the Child First


Episode 7

Rachel Hinesly | The Vital Nature of Relationships

Episode 8

Solo | How to Help Students Who’ve Experienced Trauma

Episode 9

Dr. Kimberly McCleod | Implicit Bias & the Power of Our Words

Episode 10

Michael Herrera |
Find Your Why

Episode 11

Solo | Belonging
in the Classroom

Episode 12

Dr. Jeffry Prickett | Principal Leadership and Roles

Episode 13

Greg Murrile | Relationships That Shine

Episode 14

Trevor Muir | Thriving Relationships in Virtual Edu.

Episode 15

Solo |
React vs. Respond

Episode 16

Joe Dombrowski | Teachers and Mr. D times 3

Episode 17

Abby Wallace | Crushing Limits and Making Connections

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