A Conversation on Injustice

Our founders, Kevin Curtis and Denise Holliday, alongside one of our lead presenters, Donald Bosier engage in crucial conversations surrounding injustices.

“We have to get rid of that threat of injustice so that justice can rise up!”- Denise Holliday

We have to get rid of that threat of injustice so that justice can rise up! Denise Holliday

A study of perceived injustice among students (Published in Social Justice Research, 2015) showed that even subtle perceptions of injustice can have a major impact on student outcomes.

However, meaningful relationship centered learning can counteract this.

What saved me that night, was a relationship with another officer. Donald Bosier
It’s the conversation that MUST take place in order for us to move forward. Denise Holliday
Once I recognized that the system was broke and that I was a cog in the wheel, I left the system and started a movement that included listening and learning and having other points of view. We have to live with a relationship-centered heart. Kevin Curtis

We see you, we value you, we hear you, and we stand with you.

We must take the time to have those uncomfortable conversations with someone who may not look like you, be from your culture, practice the same religion as you, or love the same person you love.

Get to know them with the absence of judgment and grace shining through.

What are your experiences with injustice? How schools help in this struggle? Share your thoughts or reflections in the comments below.


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