About us

RCL was founded and maintained by a team of dedicated educators. We are committed to being the unifying voice for all educators by providing leadership, community, professional development, and resources for the implementation of relational and restorative practices.


Teachers, administrators, and educators just like you.

Through our educational journey, we discovered the benefits of implementing relational and restorative practices. This discovery led the team to develop an inside-out approach utilizing intentional relationship-building techniques designed to allow districts to focus on relationships before implementing curriculum-based initiatives or lessons.

We invite you to listen to our podcast, join Circle Time, follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), or explore our resources; we promise you’ll be glad you did. When you’re ready to fully implement relational practices, sign up for one of our professional development offerings!


Meet The Team


Kevin Curtis

Founder & CEO

Denise Holliday

CoFounder & Lead Consultant

Alan Krenek

Lead Presenter and Consultant


Donald Bosier

Lead Presenter and Consultant


Amanda Lemon



Dr. Cassandra Darst



Gina Tomas-Pavlu

Client Relations Coordinator

Sandra Velo


"I can't say enough good things about working with NEDRP! Quick to answer questions, return calls, flexible beyond measure, and the most amazing presenters that found a way to connect and build relationships through Zoom with 100's of educators that exceeded our most hope-filled dreams! Thank you!"

- Administrator

"Great energy, lots of engagement! Thank you Donald, Cassandra, and Sarah!"

- Educator

"Love the tools! I am going to use them for my kids!"

- Educator

"Very motivating and informative workshop."

- Educator

"Thank you for an engaging presentation with practical, useful tools!"

- Educator

"I have been sitting in PD for the last two weeks, and this was by far my favorite and most enjoyable!"

- Educator

"The information was very helpful not only to use in the classroom but with my own children as well. I was so excited about the things I learned I told my kids that I feel it would be helpful for them to listen to it as well. I believe our children also need to know how important it is to communicate with adults and find ways to express their feeling with respect."

- Educator


Want to know more about Relationship Centered Learning? We look forward to seeing you in one of our professional developments, but until then, take a look at our resources.