For Districts


RCL has a comprehensive set of trainings to help your district reach their relationship centered learning goals regardless of whether this is the first  training or you need something more in depth.

RCL is a certified Continuing Professional Education (CPE) provider for educators in Texas.

Campus Relationship Development (CRD)

Minimum 7 hours w/ a 1-hour lunch

Designed to help Administrators develop deeper relationships by taking their “Admin” hat off and experience the proactive tools from a different perspective.

***Not a prerequisite but this training helps build fertile soil for student relationship building in the future as well as model each tool for the staff prior to them getting trained in the RCL5.

Core Trainings

RCL 5 – Solo

8 hours w/ 1 hour lunch

RCL Resources
1 Trainer

RCL 5 – Small Group Facilitator

8 hours w/1-hour lunch

RCL Resources
1 Trainer + 1 SGF for every 10-15 participants
1 Free Support Days

Additional Trainings

Deeper Dive Into the 5

Can be booked with Small Group Facilitators or without

Get To Know You (GTKY) Circles

Lead Trainer + SGFs
Circle Resources
Talking Piece
Guidelines Poster