Travel Coordinator & Lead Presenter

Sandra Velo

Sandra is an educational consultant for National Educators for Restorative Practices. Sandra has served as an elementary teacher as well as a high school health teacher, volleyball and track coach. In addition, she has served as an elementary assistant principal and principal, and District 504/dyslexia Coordinator. Sandra retired from Belton ISD with 27 years of service.


Sandra graduated from Belton high school and while in high school she played sports. She graduated from Central Oklahoma with a BS in Education. After graduation from college, Sandra returned to Belton as head volleyball and assistant track coach and health teacher for three years. She chose to stay at home with her sons for five years and then she started substituting at an elementary school and fell in love with students who were below grade level and struggling with behavior. Sandra worked as a 2nd and 4th grade teacher. As she taught and loved on her students, she was able to witness them make great gains in their learning and behavior. She taught them how to look at their current level and how to improve on their own academic and behavior performance. Many of Sandra’s first students still keep in touch with her through Facebook and may drop by her house.

Sandra longed to help more students than those in her class so she began her Master’s Degree at Tarelton State University in Mid-Management and Educational Administration. Upon completion of her master’s degree, she became an Assistant Principal at an affluent elementary school and soon learned that students born with privilege have many of the same struggles as students of high poverty.

Sandra was privileged to become the principal of an elementary school located directly beside the housing project she lived in as a young girl. Sandra built a campus and school culture that celebrated diversity and continued growth. Sandra’s intentional connection to the students, families and community in Miller Heights has filled her bucket every day since August 2002. Sandra still lives in the Miller Heights area where she and her husband, Tony, raised their two sons.

After 5 years Sandra moved to Central Office where she became the District 504/Dyslexia Coordinator. This was a perfect adventure for Sandra because she was able to travel around the district and mentor students who needed academic or behavioral support.

To this day, Sandra’s favorite students are those that are in the shadows or already attempting to quit. Building a relationship with and helping them see and believe in themselves is her life mission.

She has also never forgotten those adults who helped her when she was also a struggling student on the margins of society.


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