Educators – Archway Classic Academy, AZ

"Kinder forgot their water to P.E., so this was a perfect opportunity to do some easy activities. I had them get into 3 groups, and I asked them, "What makes you smile?" After a minute of sharing, I shared with them what I heard (Disneyland, petting puppies) and asked for some additional answers. The kids loved it! And so did I - I learned a little bit more about my scholars."

"I have seen my quietest kids respond multiple times! They also feel braver to answer questions during core curriculum. I also feel like its created a better sense of a team. I have seen them work together more often then they did at the start."

"Our scholars love the engagement, especially sharing and having his/her voices heard. We would group students who are #'s 1-15 & 16-20 between Mrs. Ashraf and me."

"I have enjoyed watching the students that seemed shy the first couple of days, starts to open up more as they shake my hand with a big smile and say good morning while making eye contact."

"We talked about an act of kindness someone has done/shown that we won't forget. A lot of my students talked about the small things in life such as helping someone clean up, holding the door for someone, " Ms. Manjra smiling every morning", etc. All of those things made me realize that some of the most purest souls care about the simplest things in life. It helped me ground myself through a chaotic week and reminded me why I chose this path."


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