Whole Class Community Sharing

2 Minute Connections

With demands being placed on educators to, “raise their scores” and “teach from bell to bell,” now more than ever, time is of the essence!  Great educators know connecting before content is important, but finding the time to do so can be challenging.  Welcome 2 Minute Connections!  Utilizing our whole-class community sharing approach, 2 Minute Connections allow for cross classroom connections to be made in 2 minutes or less.  Used as an ice breaker, brain break, or to assist with transitions, building and sustaining relationships in the classroom has never been so easy… or so fast!

2-Minute Connection Toolkit Tips

Tips & Strategies:
  • Consider using pre-generated questions that are not student generated the first time attempting 2 Minute Connections
  • Proof read questions making sure to omit any questions that may take too much time
  • Recycle unused questions to ensure every student’s question is heard
  • Attempt 2 Minute Connections when you have additional time in class
  • Over-sharers - Set a time limit
  • Under-sharers - Let them create or pick the questions
  • Pose question(s) earlier in class
  • Use sentence stems to help students form their responses
  • Use 2 Minute Connections as a way to scaffold towards GTKY Relationship Circles

Virtual Not Virtual
  • Assign students numbers or utilize the participants list to help them visualize order of sharing
  • Teacher mutes and unmutes students as they share
  • Provide students with nonverbal ways to express connections
  • Have students stand 6’ apart as they share - utilize with smaller class sizes
  • Place markers on floor to identify where students stand
  • Have students stand up at their desk to share, or use standing up as way for students to answer questions
  • Utilize areas with more space (e.g. cafeteria, hallway, outside, etc.)