Positive Interaction Experiences

90 Second Spark

Science suggests the more positive experiences a person has, the better the person feels.  In addition, a recent study found that a positive classroom environment can affect a student's learning and academic growth by as much as 25%.  What does that mean?  If a teacher can establish a classroom environment where intentional, positive interactions happen on a daily occurrence, then that teacher’s students would be happier AND experience, potentially, 25% more academic success!  Enter our 90 Second Positive Spark Plan, a plan that allows for teachers to create authentic and genuine positive interactions for them and their students in the first 90 seconds of class.  The smallest spark of positivity can change the way your students learn.  Let’s get ready to spark together!

Spark Examples and Spark Plan

Spark Examples and Spark Plan Spark Examples and Spark Plan2 Spark Examples and Spark Plan3 Spark Examples and Spark Plan4

90-Second Spark Toolkit Tips

Tips & Strategies
  • Implement Spark Plans in the first 90 seconds of each class
  • Put a sign outside your classroom door to remind students as they enter the classroom they are getting ready to create some Positive Sparks
  • Be prepared to have additional Sparks ready to implement if the energy in the room needs to be lifted or changed
  • Have students assist in creating new ideas for Sparks
  • Change Spark Plans frequently to keep Sparks new and fresh
  • Keep sparks simple and consistent for elementary students
  • Don’t forget to add Enhancers to bring a fun and unique element to your Sparks

Virtual Not Virtual
  • Play music as students log-in
  • Play or share funny/motivational memes or video clips
  • Create a daily or weekly theme; utilize props, dress up, and virtual backgrounds
  • Greet students one at a time as you allow them into the virtual classroom
  • Share quote of the day and have a classroom wide discussion about it
  • Create fun games to play together online (e.g. 2 Truths and a Lie or Scavenger Hunts)
  • Consider modifying Sparks to not include touch or movement
  • Have students share a motivational message on dry erase boards to inspire peers
  • Insure safety precautions and procedures are being followed at all time