Emotional Inventory Instrument

Pulse Meter

Emotions are real.  Emotions are what make us human.  Emotions color how we interpret and interact with the world around us.  There is a lot to be said about emotions… so why is it so difficult to talk about them?  Some psychologists suggest humans possess 27 unique emotions, while others debate that there are considerably more or less.  One thing is for certain, if educators can help students recognize, understand, and label their emotions correctly, students will experience greater success in expressing emotions appropriately.  Our Pulse Meter is an emotional inventory instrument that helps students build greater self-awareness and strengthen their emotional vocabulary, ultimately gaining greater emotional regulation.  When students have a pulse on their emotions, educating them becomes much more manageable.

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Pulse Meter Toolkit Tips

Pulse Meter is a tool to check in on how your students are feeling emotionally:
VirtualNot Virtual
  • Show a Pulse Meter and have students share out
  • Have students share their emotional state privately via private messages in chat
  • Check-in with students as your allow each one to enter the virtual classroom
  • Students can share a color or emoji on their virtual background to represent their emotional state
  • Create times when students can check-in with you outside of instruction time
  • Students could utilize colored bracelets or cups at their desk for easy to see emotional communication
  • Students can write a number or emotion on a dry erase board or laminated sheet of paper and share
  • Utilize the Mood Meter app