Social Contract Development

Treatment Agreement

Rules run classrooms, and rules were meant to be broken! However, when a rule is broken in the classroom our traditional path to accountability is to identify: what rule was broken, who broke it, and what consequence needs to be assigned. What if there was another way to greater accountability?  Let us introduce to you the Treatment Agreement. The Treatment Agreement is a foundational component of Relational Practices that focuses on how we treat one another in the classroom, instead of focusing on rules. This is a “game-changer” in classroom management.  Students and teachers collaborate to establish classroom-wide norms focused on how we are going to treat one another versus rule one another.  Our intentional, decision-sharing process allows for both student and teacher voices to be captured thus creating a learning environment in which everyone has a say in how they want to be treated.

Treatment Agreement Template

Treatment Agreement Examples

Treatment Agreement Examples Treatment Agreement Examples2 Treatment Agreement Examples3 Treatment Agreement Examples4 Treatment Agreement Examples5

Treatment Agreement Toolkit Tips

Virtual Not Virtual
  • Once built, take a picture of the Treatment Agreement to share with students
  • Utilize the picture of the Treatment Agreement when redirecting or referencing the Relationship Goal
  • Change your screen name to reflect the Relationship Goal
  • Post Treatment Agreement on teacher home page
  • Make Treatment Agreement your virtual background
  • Provide students with copy of Treatment Agreement to keep in binder or at desk
  • Provide students with digital version of Treatment Agreement to reference on personal device